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About CARE-North

What this project is all about

The aim of CARE-North+ is to build on the success of the previous CARE-North project and to continue to develop a comprehensive, strategic and practical approach to urban and regional transport/accessibility in the North Sea Region in the context of climate change and declining oil supplies. While the North Sea Region deals with the effects of climate change, the traditional understanding of transport is leading to a continued increase in CO2 emissions and is undermining other climate protection efforts. Concurrently, we are facing the impending limit of mineral oil supplies.

CARE - North

stands for "Carbon Responsible Transport Strategies for the North Sea Area".

Project Summary

While the NSR deals with the effects of climate change, transport-related CO2 emissions continue to increase. We face an urgent need to develop and implement carbon reduction strategies and to secure an ongoing energy supply for transport. CARE-North has developed and proposes to implement innovative carbon reduction strategies for urban and regional transport to maintain and improve accessibility in a more carbon-responsible way, and to make the NSR a leader in carbon-efficient accessibility.