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Bremen Celebrates Its Third Car Free Day with 50,000 visitors

September 24, 2014A four lane road for cars becomes a four lane road for the people

For the third year in succession, the Bremen’s Car Free Festival “StadTraum” took place on September 21st on a road that is usually heavily used by motorised traffic. Each year, the festival takes place in a different neighbourhood of the city so that the citizens of each neighbourhood are able to experience what it is like when a place that is usually dominated by cars and trucks becomes available to the people. Visitors were able to stroll and ride their bikes along a 500 metre long segment of a four lane road that forms and simultaneously divides the centre of the neighbourhood. Visitors could enjoy the entertainment of a multitude of musicians and theatrical presentations, shop and participate in activities at infotainment stands, dine on the open-air table for 250 persons, pet the grazing cows or relax in lawn chairs on the adjacent roundabout. The annual motorway cycling tour that allows cyclists to ride on stretches of motorways only accessible to cars was attended by around 3500 cyclists with bicycles of all sizes and shapes and the cargo bike race, which required participants to complete tasks such as loading and unloading cargo, putting on rain clothing and navigating through obstacles on the road, was also a major highlight of the event.

Cargo bike race with obstacles