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CARE-North + Thematic Papers Published

The first thematically based reference papers have been published by the CARE-North plus project consortium. The thematic papers on Electric Mobility and Low Carbon Transport, Cycling and Policy Recommendations target policy and decision makers of urban areas and seek to inspire with easy-to-digest facts on how to implement carbon responsible transport strategies in cities and surrounding regions. Case studies from the CARE-North plus project partners highlight how each county in the North Sea Region is implementing actions in the various thematic areas. Policy recommendations put an objective light on decision making various aspects of sustainable transport.

The PDF version of the following papers

  • “Electric and Low Carbon Mobility”
  • “Building a cycling culture in your city” and
  • “Policy Recommendations”

can be downloaded below (see attachments).

The next publications to come include the subjects of Shared Mobility and the effects that rising fuel prices can have on urban mobility of the future.

CN+_eMobility_work package paper.pdf878.97 KB
CN+_cycling_work package paper.pdf2.55 MB
CN+_Policy_work package paper.pdf970.23 KB