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Car-Sharing Seminar - How can we spur a market for car-sharing and car-pooling? - Malmö, March 2011

The event was held in the “Pelarsalen” at City Hall/Stadshuset, Malmö - 16th March 2011.

This half day seminar had the objective of transnational learning, targeting local and regional actors. The idea was that CareNorth provides some European examples for optimized car-use
and less car-dependant lifestyles through the use of car-sharing/car-clubs. 


  • From car-culture to car-clubbing - first steps towards the implementation of car-clubs
    Speaker: Scott Ramsay, City of Aberdeen
  • Car-club for employees within the municipal organisation
    Speaker: Anette Thorén, City of Göteborg
  • Local transport plans and car-sharing/pooling initiatives in West Yorkshire
    Speaker: Diane Groom, Metro (West Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority)
  • You don´t have to own your car to use it
    Speaker: Susanne Malmström, Sunfleet Carsharing
  • Would you buy a cow for a glass of milk?
    Speaker: Michael Glotz-Richter, City of Bremen (SUBVE)


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