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CARE-North Plus Thematic Papers

The CARE-North plus thematic papers on:

  • Building a Cycling Culture in Your City
  • Shared Mobility: A Part of a Low Carbon Culture
  • Electric and Low Carbon Mobility
  • Electric and Low Carbon Waste Management
  • Reacting to Transport and Energy Game Changers
  • Autonomous Vehicles – Impacts on Mobility of the Future
  • Policy Recommendations

are available to download below.

CN+ Fact Sheet_Building a Cycling Culture.pdf2.43 MB
CN+ Fact Sheet_Shared Mobility.pdf1.07 MB
CN+ Fact Sheet_Electric and Low Carbon Mobility.pdf762.4 KB
CN+ Fact Sheet_Low Carbon Waste Management.pdf439.4 KB
CN+ Fact Sheet_Autonomous Transport.pdf1.57 MB
CN+ Fact Sheet_Game Changers and 5 Euro per Litre.pdf1.77 MB
CN+ Fact Sheet_Policy Recommendations.pdf2.22 MB