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Public Engagement and participation in sustainable transport issues

Currently, emissions from transport represent a quarter of Scotland’s total. While the Scottish Government has identified a number of transport policies, which would contribute to Scotland’s ability to meet its targets, action to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport has been limited, poorly integrated with other areas of policy, and focused on narrow programmes. Drawing on best practice from cities across the North Sea Region, this paper considers how public engagement can be utilised within the development of holistic low carbon urban development.
Consideration of regions where strategies have been successful reveals a context where transport is considered as part of wider urban design and urban development, thus ensuring that the potential benefits are directly related to concerns of planning, housing and behavioural change. The paper includes information and conclusions from a case study in Aberdeen, Scotland.


Paper by:

Professor Richard Laing, Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment / IDEAS Research Institute, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK.

Dr Elizabeth Tait, dot.rural, RCUK Digital Economy Research, University of Aberdeen, UK.

Professor David Gray, Aberdeen Business School / IMAGES Research Institute, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK.

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