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Workshop Presentations at World Expo Shanghai

The City of Bremen in cooperation with the GTZ presented three workshops under the theme "The Future of Mobility - Options for Sustainable Transport in a Low Carbon Society" at the Bremen Stand on the Urban Best Practice Area at the Shanghai Expo from May 24th to 26th 2010.

The workshops focused on the following three key topics for sustainable urban transport:

  • Day 1 - Mon, 24th: Transport and Urban Development
  • Day 2 - Tue, 25th: Low Carbon Mobility for Cities
  • Day 3 - Wed, 26th: The Role of Electric Vehicles


24th May 2010:
1. The Future of Mobility: Options for Sustainable Transport in a Low Carbon Society
Michael Glotz-Richter, City of Bremen

2. Integrated Planning of Urban Quarters and Transport Systems
Prof. Albert Speer, Albert Speer & Partner GmbH

3. Urbanization and Planning in China
Prof. Pan Haixiao, Department of Urban Planning, Tongji University

4. Towards Liveable Cities - International Experiences
Manfred Breithaupt, GTZ

Day 2, 25th May 2010:
1. Urban Transport Challenge: Transport Development and Low Carbon Policies in China
Prof. Pan Haixiao, Department of Urban Planning, Tongji University

2. Carbon responsible transport strategies in Bremen
Michael Glotz-Richter, City of Bremen

3. Low Carbon Mobility Stockholm, Sweden
Gustaf Landahl, City of Stockholm

4. Case: SPINNING WHEELS - the revival of the bicycle
Signe Madsen, City of Odense

5. Opportunities for Urban Transport in International Climate Negotiations
Daniel Bongardt, GTZ

Day 3, 26th May 2010:
1. Introduction
Michael Glotz-Richter, City of Bremen

2. The Trend of NEV and Incentive Policies in China
Dr. Wu Zhixin, China Automotive Technology and Research Center

3. Moving towards the future: National Platform for Electromobility in Germany
Christian Hochfeld, GTZ

4. Prospects for and Effects of E-Bikes in Chinese Cities
Dong Shen, Tsinghua University

5. The Challenge of Designing Electric Cars
Dr. Tobias Giebel, Volkswagen Research Lab China


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