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Ghent inspired by Bremen: 20,000 Car Sharers by 2020

November 4, 2014

This week, at the 10-year cambio car sharing anniversary in Ghent, Belgium, Filip Watteeuw, City Counsellor for Transport, announced the Ghent Car Sharing Action Plan with the aim of having 20,000 car sharers in Ghent by 2020. Today, Ghent has 4,000 car sharing users, members of peer-to-peer and fleet owning car sharing operators.

The City of Ghent was inspired by the City of Bremen, who has the same ambition (

How Ghent got inspired?

Last February, during the CARE-North plus project meeting in Ghent, the partner Taxistop took advantage of the presence of the sustainable mobility experts by organising an evening event with presentations from the cities of Bremen and Malmö. Michael Glotz-Richter from Bremen presented Bremen’s Car Sharing Action Plan to political representatives and the public of Ghent. Among the participants was Ann Plas, a representative of the City Counsellor for Transport in Ghent.

The Ghent Car Sharing Action Plan is part of a comprehensive mobility plan. Today, Ghent has 138,000 cars for 250,000 inhabitants. In the next years, Ghent expects the population to grow by 20,000 new inhabitants. To deal with the increasing number of cars, the city of Ghent has decided to implement an ambitious Car Sharing Plan. Ghent will organise various campaigns, increase the number of car sharing stations, give financial incentives to car sharing users, reduce the city car fleet and integrate car sharing into new city developments.

Later this year, representatives from Bremen and Ghent will meet each other to exchange experiences.

For more information, you can read more in the local media: