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Meet-Up Sharing Economy Belgium – Netherlands

July 18, 2014

It is always important to look at what's happening across the border. That's the reason why Taxistop is involved in CARE-North plus and also why Taxistop took the initiative to organise a meet-up between Dutch and Belgian sharing economy initiatives. The Dutch embassy in Brussels was enthusiastic about this idea and hosted the event on July 2nd, 2014.

Taxistop invited ShareNL, a platform for the Dutch Sharing Economy, to co-organise the event. Together they created an inspirational program, which included sharing ideas and information about:

  • The current status of the state-of-the-art Belgian Sharing economy, presented by Taxistop, which focused on a classification of Shared Mobility and the impact including outcomes of the CARE-North+ project
  • The current status of the Dutch Sharing economy, presented by ShareNl
  • Amsterdam Sharing City: How Amsterdam is becoming a sharing city, a partnership between the city, big companies, operators in the Sharing Economy and last but not least, the citizens.
  • Achmea: The relationship between an insurance company and sharing (peer-to-peer car-sharing)
  • Peerby-Wijdelen: An example of a Belgian-Dutch partnership in the sharing economy
  • 8 pitches of sharing initiatives: Autopia presented their decentralised peer-to-peer car-sharing initiatives and experiences with local governments who share their fleet with citizens on the weekends. The neighborhood children's bike service 'Op Wielekes' was another pitch as an example of shared mobility.

Sixty participants, 50% of whom were Dutch, attended the meet-up and stayed a long time after the conference to exchange thoughts about the sharing economy and the hope for a semi-final of the North Sea countries at the Football World Cup.