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CARE-North Project in Malmo saves money and helps the environment

Cars talking to the driver helps employees of the City of Malmö to maintain the speed limit, thereby saving the environment. The result of the project shows fuel savings of 17%.

As part of CARE-North efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, City of Malmö has installed a technique which is called ISA - Intelligent Speed ​​Adaption. A GPS constantly keeps track of where the car is and keeps contact with the national road database where all roads speed limit is registered.
Swedish Radio did a story about the talking cars that helps saving the environment. The clip is in Swedish, but just in the beginning you will hear the voice in the car that says: 30! 30!

Here you will find the radio clip - click the icon of a loudspeaker with the text "Bränsleförbrukningen minskade med 17 procent" (which means fuel consumption decreased by 17 percent).