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Electric Mobility and Public Transport

The current discussion about electric mobility mostly covers individual car ownage and usage.

Electric driven trains and trams do exist for more than 100 years in Germany.

The goal of the German master plan electric mobility is to have at least one million electric driven vehicles on the streets by 2020. Neighboring EU countries also invest in electric mobility, as well this is an important aspect of the CARE-North partner exchange on expericence.

This movie (only available in German, sorry!) shows how already by today the implementation of intelligent, integrated transport schemes, it is possible to reduce congestion, air pollution and used space for traffic - by providing smart travel solutions to existing public transport offers, eg. Car-sharing.

As Bremen is a showcase for Car-Sharing (see also for more information on Bremen Car-Sharing presentation on Shanghai EXPO2010 last year), Michael Glotz-Richter was interviewed for this short movie as well!




Movie by VDV,