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CARE-North Project Partners

City Council Aberdeen

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest city with a population of nearly 210,000 and an area of 186 square km. It is the regional centre for the North East of Scotland. Although schemes generated within the Interreg study would impact the whole City, the main focus is on the city centre and transport initiatives where the city centre is the major origin or destination of trips.

Robert Gordon University - Aberdeen

The Robert Gordon University (RGU) is a research-informed modern institute, committed to undertaking world-leading applied research. The University aims to undertake research which informs society and leads to positive changes in society and the environment.

Province of Fryslân

The province of Fryslân has a population of approx. 650.000 inhabitants. It is a largely rural and argricultural province with a few bigger towns and cities. Fryslân is member of the Energy Valley Foundation, a coalition of the northern provinces in the Netherlands together with the 4 bigger cities and bigger private companies such as Gasunion, NOM and energy companies.

City of Bergen


Bergen, founded in 1070, is the second largest city in Norway and has approximately 270,000 inhabitants. The city is known as “The Gateway to the Fjords of Norway” and is famous for being surrounded by seven mountain peaks. The public transportation in the city is managed mainly by Skyss, a public company owned by the County Council of Hordaland. In addition to the city's light rail, “Bybanen”, which was re-opened in 2010, Bergen also operates trolley buses. Bergen continues to strive to make its transport system more sustainable through a multi-faced approach involving electric mobility, car-sharing, mobility management and increasing the modal share of cyclists.


Hordaland County in Norway has about 500 000 inhabitants and the administration of the county is located in Bergen. The county comprises 33 municipalities where Bergen is the largest with almost 270 000 inhabitants. Hordaland County Council is responsible for policies within several fields such as secondary education, transport, culture, economics and regional development. Actions for the mitigation of greenhouse gases and climate adaptation are coordinated by the Department for Regional Development.


Autopia, founded in 2003, is a Belgian non-profit organisation offering many private car sharing services to a broad public. The Autopia concept offers tools for sharing own private cars in local communities to neighbourhoods, cities and organisations.