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Senator for Environment, Construction, Transport and European Affairs - Dr. Reinhard Loske - supports the project

Dr. Reinhard Loske, Umweltsenator BremenRecent years have brought many reports and political statements in Europe highlighting the problems of ever-increasing CO2 emissions from transport – but implementation continues to lag and emission levels continue to rise. Like many regions around the North Sea, the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen is seriously affected by increasing sea levels and feels a strong sense of urgency to develop and implement strategies of carbon efficient transport.

But in order to make a real difference, transnational collaboration is crucial. That’s where the CARE-North project comes in:


…creates synergies that benefit the entire North Sea region (and beyond). Collaboration among North Sea cities and regions leads to the development and implementation of strategies for carbon-responsible transport.

…builds awareness and support. The transnational dimension of CARE-North creates awareness and political support for necessary measures – both within the CARE-North consortium and beyond

…leads by example. Pilot showcases in one location help greatly in supporting the establishment and implementation of similar schemes in other North Sea locations.

…is good for people and business. The North Sea Region will demonstrate how promoting post-fossil transport strategies can improve both the quality of life of its citizens and economic opportunities for its businesses.

The field of wind energy is a North Sea success story of creating a business case out of environmental requirements that countries all around the world are learning from. The transport sector can and should follow this example.

I am looking forward to seeing the CARE-North approach presented at the Climate Protection Conference in Copenhagen (COP15) in December 2009, and the final results presented in the framework of the Rio+20 process in 2012.

Dr. Reinhard Loske
Senator for Environment, Construction, Transport and European Affairs
Free Hanseatic City of Bremen