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Graphic Recording Results from the CARE-North plus Final Conference

The graphic recording artist Eli Breuing from Visuelles Denken documented the first day of the CARE-North plus final conference "On the Move - Transport Strategies for a Low Carbon Future" in a very special way. Here it is to download!

GR_CareNorth_Panorama_klein.jpg3.01 MB

"On the Move - Transport Strategies for a Low Carbon Future" - Presentations of the CARE-North plus Final Conference

Here you can download all of the presentations held by the CARE-North plus project partners and guest speakers at the two-day project final conference titled "On the Move - Transport Strategies for a Low Carbon Future".

Day 1_01_Challenges for Mobility of the future in the North Sea Area_City of Bremen.pdf3.51 MB
Day 1_02_Catalysing Low Carbon Mobility_Susan Zielinski.pdf4.83 MB
Day 1_03_Belo Horizonte-Perspectives of Sustainable Mobility_Marcelo Cintra do Amaral.pdf2.81 MB
Day 1_04_Themes and Faces of CN+_City of Bremen.pdf3.8 MB
Day 1_05_Implementing Advanced Solutions in Ghent_Filip Watteeuw.pdf4.54 MB
Day 1_06_CN+ Sustainable Mobility Policy Recommendations_ICLEI.pdf492.21 KB
Session 1B_The Range of Electric Mobility_Bergen and Hordaland.pdf1.44 MB
Session 2A_Shared Mobility in Ghent_Taxistop.pdf2.95 MB
Session 2B_Creating a Cycling Culture from Scratch_WYCA.pdf2.88 MB
Session 3A_Changing Faces of Cities at 5 Euro per Litre_RGU.pdf2.23 MB
Session 3A_Changing Faces of Cities at 5 Euro per Litre_WYCA and Urban Dynamic Model.pdf3.11 MB
Session 3B_Autonomous Transport-Risks and Opportunities for Cities_Glotz-Richter.pdf2.63 MB
Day 2_01_Shared Mobility-A Matter of Principle_Taxistop.pdf3.21 MB
Day 2_02_Reducing the number of cars in Bremen_Michael Glotz-Richter.pdf4.52 MB
Day 2_03_Car Clubs in Britain _Chas Ball.pdf1.01 MB
Day 2_04_Amsterdam Research Results of Free-Floating Car-Sharing_Stephan Suiker.pdf2.19 MB
Day 2_05_Starting a Car Club from Scratch_Alan Simpson.pdf1.15 MB
Day 2_06_Car sharing amongst neighbours_Jeffrey Matthijs.pdf4.68 MB
Day 2_07_Utrecht-A City with a Strong Car-Sharing Culture_Marijn Kik.pdf3.31 MB
Day 2_08_Launching a Car Club in a City that Loves Cars_Warsaw_Tamas Dombi.pdf2 MB
Day 2_09_CARE North plus and the NSR Experience_Jesper Jönsson.pdf623.19 KB

CARE-North Plus Thematic Papers

The CARE-North plus thematic papers on:

  • Building a Cycling Culture in Your City
  • Shared Mobility: A Part of a Low Carbon Culture
  • Electric and Low Carbon Mobility
  • Electric and Low Carbon Waste Management
  • Reacting to Transport and Energy Game Changers
  • Autonomous Vehicles – Impacts on Mobility of the Future
  • Policy Recommendations

are available to download below.

CN+ Fact Sheet_Building a Cycling Culture.pdf2.43 MB
CN+ Fact Sheet_Shared Mobility.pdf1.07 MB
CN+ Fact Sheet_Electric and Low Carbon Mobility.pdf762.4 KB
CN+ Fact Sheet_Low Carbon Waste Management.pdf439.4 KB
CN+ Fact Sheet_Autonomous Transport.pdf1.57 MB
CN+ Fact Sheet_Game Changers and 5 Euro per Litre.pdf1.77 MB
CN+ Fact Sheet_Policy Recommendations.pdf2.22 MB

Public Engagement and participation in sustainable transport issues

Currently, emissions from transport represent a quarter of Scotland’s total. While the Scottish Government has identified a number of transport policies, which would contribute to Scotland’s ability to meet its targets, action to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport has been limited, poorly integrated with other areas of policy, and focused on narrow programmes. Drawing on best practice from cities across the North Sea Region, this paper considers how public engagement can be utilised within the development of holistic low carbon urban development.
Consideration of regions where strategies have been successful reveals a context where transport is considered as part of wider urban design and urban development, thus ensuring that the potential benefits are directly related to concerns of planning, housing and behavioural change. The paper includes information and conclusions from a case study in Aberdeen, Scotland.


Paper by:

Professor Richard Laing, Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment / IDEAS Research Institute, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK.

Dr Elizabeth Tait, dot.rural, RCUK Digital Economy Research, University of Aberdeen, UK.

Professor David Gray, Aberdeen Business School / IMAGES Research Institute, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK.

COBRA paper.pdf212.45 KB

Getting Transport to Work – Businesses and Corporate Social Responsibility Conference

A  partnership meeting was held in September (19-21) 2011 - organized by the CARE-North partner METRO.

The first two days we have had project internal meetings. On the third day, METRO had organized a ‘Getting Transport to Work’ – Businesses and Corporate Social Responsibility


More information and pictures about the event can be found on the West Yorkshire Travelplan Network website
You can find the presentations as pdfs for download below.


ITen Years of the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network265.03 KB
Promoting Sustainable Travel in Bremen407.72 KB
Travel Planning Best Practice-Leeds Trinity University College290.05 KB
Travel Planning Best Practice-Cobalt Business Park, Newcastle454.74 KB
New Resources and Initiatives for West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network Members.pdf246.88 KB
Smart and Integrated Public Transport Ticketing447.83 KB
Low Emission Vehicles388.31 KB
Measuring Carbon Impacts491 KB

Car-Sharing Seminar - How can we spur a market for car-sharing and car-pooling? - Malmö, March 2011

The event was held in the “Pelarsalen” at City Hall/Stadshuset, Malmö - 16th March 2011.

This half day seminar had the objective of transnational learning, targeting local and regional actors. The idea was that CareNorth provides some European examples for optimized car-use
and less car-dependant lifestyles through the use of car-sharing/car-clubs. 


  • From car-culture to car-clubbing - first steps towards the implementation of car-clubs
    Speaker: Scott Ramsay, City of Aberdeen
  • Car-club for employees within the municipal organisation
    Speaker: Anette Thorén, City of Göteborg
  • Local transport plans and car-sharing/pooling initiatives in West Yorkshire
    Speaker: Diane Groom, Metro (West Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority)
  • You don´t have to own your car to use it
    Speaker: Susanne Malmström, Sunfleet Carsharing
  • Would you buy a cow for a glass of milk?
    Speaker: Michael Glotz-Richter, City of Bremen (SUBVE)


Gothenburg - Anette Thorén503.16 KB
Metro - Diane Groom3.63 MB
Sunfleet - Susanne Malmström847.63 KB
Bremen - Michael Glotz-Richter11.24 MB
ACC- Scott Ramsey2.22 MB

Carbon Responsible Transport Strategies Seminar in Aberdeen, October 2010

The event was held in the Council Chamber, Aberdeen City Council Town House, Broad Street in Aberdeen on the 12th October.


Aberdeen City Council and Robert Gordon University were hosting a one day conference with the CARE North Partners to demonstrate best practice in addressing carbon emissions from transport.

The event was chaired by Dr David Gray from Robert Gordon University and covered issues like Low Emission Zones, Car Clubs, electric car infrastructure and provision, freight distribution and public transport. It also highlighted Scottish Government policy and public buy in to carbon reduction transport strategies.



The Scottish Perspective
Kirsty Lewin, Transport Scotland

The Urban Realm & Public Engagement
Professor Richard Laing, Robert Gordon University

Freight Distribution Actions
Philip Smart, StratMoS Project

Carbon Management in Aberdeen
Gordon McIntosh, Aberdeen City Council

Public Transport Innovation in West Yorkshire
Steve Heckley, Metro

Going Electric
Paul Trip, Province of Fryslan

Sustainable Transport in Malmo: Walking & Cycling
Bjorn Wickenberg, City of Malmo

Clean transport as a step to a more sustainable transport plan: LEZ & Car Clubs
Michael Glotz Richter, City of Bremen


Carbon Responsible Transport Strategies Agenda.pdf104.9 KB
01 -Transport Scotland - Kirsty Lewin.pdf96.89 KB
02 - RGU - Richard Laing.pdf2.22 MB
03 - StratMoS Project - Philip Smart.pdf5.67 MB
04 - Aberdeen City Council - Gordon McIntosh.pdf644.57 KB
05 - Metro - Steve Heckley.pdf1.59 MB
06 - Province of Fryslan - Paul Trip.pdf1022.21 KB
07 - City of Malmö - Bjorn Wickenberg.pdf2.9 MB
07 - City of Malmö - Bjorn Wickenberg.pdf2.9 MB
08 - City of Bremen - Michael Glotz-Richter.pdf8.59 MB

Scoop! magazine

SCoop! has been published by the Interreg Project Management Team of the Province of Drenthe in the Netherlands. It is a Dutch magzine reporting about 7 Interreg projects on sustainability in the Northern Netherlands in this issue from May 2010. It gives a brief overview about CARE-North and the activities the project partner provincie fryslân is involved in. In the Download section you can get hold of the Dutch as well as an English version.



SCoop! Magazine

Workshop Presentations at World Expo Shanghai

The City of Bremen in cooperation with the GTZ presented three workshops under the theme "The Future of Mobility - Options for Sustainable Transport in a Low Carbon Society" at the Bremen Stand on the Urban Best Practice Area at the Shanghai Expo from May 24th to 26th 2010.

The workshops focused on the following three key topics for sustainable urban transport:

  • Day 1 - Mon, 24th: Transport and Urban Development
  • Day 2 - Tue, 25th: Low Carbon Mobility for Cities
  • Day 3 - Wed, 26th: The Role of Electric Vehicles


24th May 2010:
1. The Future of Mobility: Options for Sustainable Transport in a Low Carbon Society
Michael Glotz-Richter, City of Bremen

2. Integrated Planning of Urban Quarters and Transport Systems
Prof. Albert Speer, Albert Speer & Partner GmbH

3. Urbanization and Planning in China
Prof. Pan Haixiao, Department of Urban Planning, Tongji University

4. Towards Liveable Cities - International Experiences
Manfred Breithaupt, GTZ

Day 2, 25th May 2010:
1. Urban Transport Challenge: Transport Development and Low Carbon Policies in China
Prof. Pan Haixiao, Department of Urban Planning, Tongji University

2. Carbon responsible transport strategies in Bremen
Michael Glotz-Richter, City of Bremen

3. Low Carbon Mobility Stockholm, Sweden
Gustaf Landahl, City of Stockholm

4. Case: SPINNING WHEELS - the revival of the bicycle
Signe Madsen, City of Odense

5. Opportunities for Urban Transport in International Climate Negotiations
Daniel Bongardt, GTZ

Day 3, 26th May 2010:
1. Introduction
Michael Glotz-Richter, City of Bremen

2. The Trend of NEV and Incentive Policies in China
Dr. Wu Zhixin, China Automotive Technology and Research Center

3. Moving towards the future: National Platform for Electromobility in Germany
Christian Hochfeld, GTZ

4. Prospects for and Effects of E-Bikes in Chinese Cities
Dong Shen, Tsinghua University

5. The Challenge of Designing Electric Cars
Dr. Tobias Giebel, Volkswagen Research Lab China


FLYR-EXPO2010-Shanghai-EN.pdf1.22 MB
Day 1_01_Michael Glotz-Richter_-Intro-Bremen.pdf13.43 MB
Day 1_02_Albert Speer_EXPO_Shanghai_final.pdf24.91 MB
Day 1_03_Pan Hai Xiao_China urbanization.pdf3.05 MB
Day 1_04_Manfred Breithaupt_Towards Livable Cities.pdf9.57 MB
Day 2_01_China Urban-GTZ.pdf3.75 MB
Day 2_02_Glotz-Richter-100525-Presentation-Bremen-day2.pdf5.91 MB
Day 2_03_Gustaf Landahl - Low carbon mobility@Shanghai2010.pdf3.08 MB
Day 2_04_Odense_Signe-Madsen.pdf1.42 MB
Day 2_05_low-carbon-transport_DB-EXPO.pdf6.63 MB
Day 3_01_Intro-Day-3.pdf1.05 MB
Day 3_02_Dr. Wu Zhixin.pdf1.76 MB
Day 3_03_EXPO2010-GTZ.pdf3.65 MB
Day 3_04_E-bikes Expo Shanghai.pdf1.61 MB
Day 3_05_Giebel-VRC-The Challenge of Designing Electric Cars.pdf4.66 MB